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Hershey Plant in Smiths Falls to Close


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This is very sad news for Smiths Falls. The town has jackshit going for it aside from being Hershey Town. I used to come outta the Hershey store with bags and bags of chocolate. The shit is dope man!

(puts on conspiracy hat)

All this because they need to recover losses from last year's salmonella recall. Did anyone even get sick? If not, it was probably just a scam so they could justify laying boatloads of people off, and move manufacturing to Mexico to make even more money off of sugar.

story of the closure

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my aunt used to work there...everytime we'd visit we'd get boat loads of kisses and peanut butter cups...that town is a fuckin turd and this means its only a few more swirls from going completely down the toilet.

she doesnt work there anymore but i do know the plant manager named in the article...

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This is sad, sad news.

Mikey...we should make one more candy run there all together, eh? (Actually, we've still got bags of chocolate bars in our freezer from the last trip.)

Every single time we've gone (to take the self-guided tour), we've never seen the plant in full operation, which always seemed strange.....

It's the only place I know of to get shitloads of dark chocolate bars loaded with almonds. They don't sell that product here for some reason. They're called "pot of gold bars".

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