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Cool, obscure uploads thread.


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Threads like this have come up now and then, usually with some cool results.

You know the drill. Upload a song or two that you doubt the rest of us have heard. Hopefully, I will wake up to a cool Sunday morning Skank-made mix tomorrow.

I'll start us off with a little jam, followed by some great soul...

Candy by Flowmotion

Somebody's On Your Case by Sugaro

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Okay, well if no one else will contribute to this mix, I will do it myself. ;)

Well, I'm really just adding another song to this in a further effort to get my (highly unpopular) thread noticed.

For Track #4, here's a little Dutch Antillean music for you, in the language "Papiamentu". It's not the highest quality recording, but good music, and the bass is soooo cool:

Rinco Un Bario Kultural by Agrupashon Pal'i Wiri (from Ta asina ta bida)

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I mean something others are unlikely to have heard; either because it was really old and you ripped it from album, or you bought it off some guy on a street-corner while backpacking through Asia, or only a hundred discs were released, or you know the artist and he/she only gave copies of this to friends...

It's certainly open to interpretation.

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Here's another along the same lines as my last. While looking for a certian Dylan track I re-found this recording that a 21 yr old Dylan provides back up vocal and harmonica. Although, Dylan doesn't play on this first track, the song was fitting for this thread in my opnion. here's why,

Some history: This song was learned from Tom Schoemaker of Harlan, Kentucky, who heard it there from a mountian fiddler called Blind Jim. This is probally its first recording. :cool:

[color:red]Dick Farina & Eric von Schmidt with Ethan Singer.

Recorded at Dobell's Jazz Record Shop, London 14-15 Jan 1963.

Lonzo and Howard

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Here's another from that recording. The song is well known, but I don't think this recording/version is.

[color:red]Dick Farina & Eric von Schmidt with 'Blind Boy Grunt' (aka: Bob Dylan)

Recorded at Dobell's Jazz Record Shop, London 14-15 Jan 1963.

Cocaine (aka: Cocaine Blues)

* I just enjoyed a fine rolled number and forgot to ID the track, sorry about that.

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