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Rob - The Bold (TM) - Nubold starts brawl at Vancouver Bobby Weir show


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The Bold apparently got into a little dust-up at the Weir show last night in Van City, no word yet on how many stitches, I'll keep everybody posted, if only I had his cell # or coordinates I could check in ;)

RatDog Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, B.C.

February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year

Set 1


Golden Road

All Along The Watchtower

Memphis Blues

Looks Like Rain

Fly Away

Bury Me Standing

Greatest Story Ever Told

Man Smart, Woman Smarter

Major fight in tapers section... Blood everywhere, security tells me they were light on security tonight because it's a Dead show and this "shouldn't happen at a dead show".

K.C. Moan @

Me & Bobby McGee @


Black Throated Wind

China Cat Sunflower

I Know You Rider



Dear Prudence

Two Djinn


Samson & Delilah

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Look, noone has heard from The Bold yet this morning.

While I'm glad Marc0 is ok and was able to safely pry his tongue from zero's prostate and yes bradm, I too would skip the audience recording and order the soundboard, but folks, let's not lose sight of what this thread is about - The Bold !!

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How did you find out about my fight...i mean the fight in the taper section?

You should have seen security hovering around the area lurking around the action, not realizing that something foul actually happened. it was fucking crazy. The dude's friends were all 'call an ambulance' and they just sat around while I looked on, nobody coming...not even a 'where's the other guy' or 'what did the guy look like'

There were 4 taper rigs aside from the band mics.

it was all behind the mics. blood...confusion. Shit, I didn't even know what went on.

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It was setbreak and LeshLush was trying to record me making out with my lady. We can get loud sometimes. Anyhow, I made fun of his windsock and right when he was comenting that it cut the highs out I popped him one and broke his nose.

guy with cane vs. guy with glasses.

it was an all out brawl.

victory was indeed mine.

Dude, first off, I didn't even bring my recording rig and wasn't even around the tapers section... Secondly, this is the second time that you make reference to my cane... I have no cane, I don't know what the hell you're talking about... You got the wrong kid... On another board, you make reference to me being an old man w/ my cane... I'm 29 dude, (hell I'm still a young pup, wet behind the ears) and wasn't even sporting a walking stick let alone a cane...

Not that I take what you say as being serious, but no offense, leave me the fuck out of this... I had nothing to do with the fight and was far away from it when it went down, so please do not throw my name in with all of that negative energy...

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