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Roll Call: Do Make Say Think - London


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The show - High energy. Totally Sonic. Big Beautiful Sound with lots of nice transitions.

The venue - Packed to the gills. Call the Office is not the venue to be in. Maybe I'm getting old, but if the spaces between people in front of you is not big enough for you to fit into comfortably without your ass rubbing into my genital area and subsequantly the same for you, don't try to cram you and your little indie buddies in.

This, and a sore back for me, hindered my enjoying the last half of the show.

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Sweet Scottie, thanks for the report.. I love this stuff too and hope I get to see them again. I've only seen them once, with many of you at the Ottawa Bluesfest 2 years ago. It was possibly the highlight of the fest for me that year! Anyone thoughts on the new album? I've only given it one spin so far, from start to finish, and was pretty turned on to it!

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