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Dylan's Love & Theft...


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It is called appropriation art...


to borrow or take a small part of someone’s work. If someone like me, unknown, uses or borrows another artists material, nobody would ever find out and no one cares, but if someone like say Andy Warhol does, then everyone knows but its Andy Warhol. And it is said that there are many...ex. Andy Warhol, Shakespear, Picasso etc. and now Bob Dylan.

Stravinsky said "Good composers borrow. Great composers steal."


I'm not saying it's right, but Bob isn't the first, and wont be the last. With Dylan in this case it's said that he used a little more then usual, but then the author of the book, Yakuza, hadn't sold more then 25,000 copies until all this about Dylan came out, then the book really started selling (Maybe Yakuza was using "the secret")...so Yakuza said that he was honored even though he didn't really know who Dylan was "Isn't he that American country singer?!".

I work with a Patent Lawyer who is also a Juilliard Graduate.

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Borrowing would be covering a song by another artist and paying them for that use.

Referencing as we all know, requires footnotes; a nod to the original author of the work.

Bob Dylan did neither of these, as I see no reference to the source of the "borrowed or referenced" material in the liner notes. And yes the artist might be flattered but as I stated earlier, but only because it was BOB DYLAN, not just any ordinary thief.

BTW, I love Bob as much as all of you- but this whole thing certainly tainted my opinion of him slightly. And I like to be an ass............

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The thing is that his lyrics are probably the most scrutinized of any English-language composer living, and I'm sure he is aware of this. I highly doubt he thought no one would notice.

"All art is illusion, and the greatest artists are incorrigible tricksters. If we forget that, we will no longer enjoy art at all." ?

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