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LABproject 35: mem/of BELL ORCH, G.Y.B.E!, NINJA TUNE +++


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peeps seemed to dig last months edition, so here's the lineup for next months. our secret weapon will be the secret special 'amonymous' guest.... yeah...that's no spelling error either....


LABproject 35

knob-twidlers, f/x heads, and sonic gurus rejoice. bleeps, tweaks & musical buggery.

VID COUSINS (Moondata) guitar / bass / electronics

STEFAN SCHNEIDER (Bell Orchestre)  drums

NORSOLA JOHNSON (Godspeed! You Black Emperor) cello / fx

JON ASENCIO (Ark of Infinity) bass / synths / fx

with guests

“CUJO†aka secret special guest (Ninja Tune) noise / fx


BLEUBIRD vocals / fx

Saturday March 10

O Patro Vys

356 Mont-Royal Est.




It’s time to put VID COUSINS in the front line. Vid has been behind the soundboard, engineering the majority of LABprojects over it’s 4 year span.  Not only that, but he has had a large part in shaping the studio sound of Moondata, currently mixing and producing the upcoming SEVENS PROJECT album.  Having only moved here from the UK a little over 4 years ago, Vid has quickly become a highly sought after engineer and producer.  He has worked alongside many artists, engineers and producers including Al Fisch (Bjork) and Charlie Francis (REM, Hi Llamas). His last studio project was for AMON TOBIN’S newest album, which he engineered. He also mixed KID KOALA’s most recent album “Your Mom’s Favorite DJâ€.  His rich live-music experience led to a role heading the production of tours for NINJA TUNE and SQUAREPUSHER.  In 2005, Vid helped AMON TOBIN develop the Chaos Theory surround sound system with which they toured Europe and North America on numerous occasions.

For this edtion of LABprojects, Vid has put together a a group of minimalist and electronics inspired performers. Promising such things as prepared drums, and unusual harmonic combinations, Vid is sure to both surprise, enlighten and scare us with the creations of his musical mind.

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