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How about we have a Television forum' date=' with "pinned" topics for things like "The Office" and "The Daily Show"?



I think there very well could be something like that. I've got a thick skin though in terms of taking shit for creating a new forum ;)

so to just talk foolish we stick to this thread

or gossip as cully is very upset over bald heaed movie stars i understand and want to be here for support ,keep up the good work bouche, not booche right

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oh no, I got questioned on whether I did it or not. Think of michael scott sending dwight around investigating, only instead of dwight being serious and on michael's side, he's a thinner, gayer, asianner version of Kevin who's laughing the whole time while asking me if I did it.

Knowing full well the culprit, I put on my Jim Halpert face and made some snappy remarks.

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I love the opening prank on Dwight in this one.

30 rock is a new one. Check it out if you haven't already. Tracey Morgan's "Tracey Jordan" is one of my favourite characters on television right now...along with a few others from the show. Alec Baldwin's "Jack Donaghy" is downright incredible and then there is the growing humour of Jack McBrayer as the naive "Kenneth Potsdown".

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