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Playing around with Garage Band


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I've been reading a great book that was graciously given to me from Eric Warren. It's called The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions.

I am a Beatle head and this book is like going back in time and sitting in the studio with them. It's very enlightening and I've actually learned alot about recording processes and methodologies due to my knowledge of the Beatles music and having this book map events and techniques to the tunes I know very well.

Anyway, it got me playing around with Garage Band today and I'm happy to say, I pulled ms.hux in to provide some lovely vocals.

This is my very first attempt as First Engineer.

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I wish man, this piece o' junk doesn't even have a sound card. That's Minto 4 ya.

Oh and thanks for the good feedback, I'm glad you guys came out.

jordan, you and your dad may have played a role in the inspiration to fart around with recording as well. It's great to see family members making music together.

I'll see if I can get my brother to play some mandolin on the next mix. I have some mandolin lines in my head for this cover ;)

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Thanks, bouche. This gives me even more incentive to set up a music work area, with my old cassette 4-track, my DR-5, and a guitar/amp. I even have a stack of old tapes with compositional snippets that I should go through to see if there's anything worthy of getting written fully.



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thats very cool, i've been playing around with it a bit too. not nearly as good as you.

its cute how my dog reacts to all the diffrent sounds, i like to make songs up that mess with her head.

my biggest problum is i think a midi key board or somthng would help me alot cause i have a hard time : playing" the insturments with my keyboard

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