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the vegan side of me (vegan who eats meat occasionaly... yet, person who no longer does the dairy) had a stomach clench just glancing at the title deterring me from watchin the video

but, though its a thread-hijacking, wanted to bring up a product a friend introduced me to whenst I was wandering down vegan lane exclusively

Road's End Organics Dairy-Free Mac & Chreese is a suprisingly tasty alternative to its fat laden corporate cousin... "Number Shaped Noodles - 4 Kidz" is my flavor of choice... made up with some rice milk and Earth Balance Non-Hydrogenated Buttery Spread

love the shit... if Id've had the option growin up would've chosen it hands down over Krafty D... can slop ketchup on it, pig out and still feel great afterwards

Road's End Organics Mac and Chreese (don't let the name scare ya)

Earth Balance Products - one dairy product I particularly enjoyed was butter... I their non-hydrogenated spread better than butter

take it or leave it... we now return to your regularly scheduled thread

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I have no idea why I just watched that!


"I go with the 6 minutes instead of 8 because 6 is less than 8"

what an idiot!

Pringles Cheezums were unavailable for a while in canada so I would buy plain Pringles and use the orange powder from kraft dinner to season them with "cheese". I swear that's all cheezums are.

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