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kung's sweet suite


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So Heaven really is a place where nothing ever happens, only oddly it has a view of both the Rideau Canal and the Parliament buildings.

Fag boy (zero) tagged along and can't stop laughing at the fucking like Bob Saget stupid pet voices en francaise and all the parts he laughs at sound so fucking dumb it's painful. The Movementarians Simpsons episode in French was pretty dope though. Oddly the only thing they didn't translate except a sort of faggy french accent was:

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Leader
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man it must be hard keeping your online personas straight when your real life ones aren't....

no, apparently they are gay and are from gaytown, or is that gayville? :/ but my guess it that it would more likely be gay city, with lots of gay starbucks and fabulous gay furniture stores ...

and yes, momma did warn me ...


but sometimes ya just cant help yerself, or want to ...

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