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Doing my pants up all the way


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I sure miss being able to do that! I can only do them up halfway now and I have to wear a belt so it doesn't show. I can't wait for spring so I can get active again. Then I won't have to wear the new fat guy cargo pants I bought the other day (the only pair I can wear comfortably)!

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On the opposing tip, I eat, I eat, and then I eat some more. I walk the dog, I walk around town, and then I walk some more. And I can't put on weight. It sounds a little vain but I feel like there's a colony of worms enjoying my cooking and culinary endevours in generel..... Plus, I'm sober as a horse in Utah....

Maybe I should start slamming creatine and hit the gym like Dima....

NewRider: I'd recommend getting back on the drugs. Like energy pills and stuff. I like pills, they make me happy, and aparently, curb any weight problem I'd think of developing....

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