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Scissor Sisters Ticket

boiler rat

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holy crap that was a fun night!!!!!

my aunt sent me this today too... we even made the paper!!! HAHAHAHA! (oh and diesel doug, i was wrong, it was the sun not the star)


The audience, in turn, rose to the occasion — [color:red]featuring everything from young girls decked out in prom dresses, to couples in matching flight-attendant uniforms. It seemed everyone wore a big smile ...

it's funny, too, i made friends with one of the flight attendants. when we saw each other's outfits, we laughed, hugged & had a nice chat.

so much dancing! so many fun people! and all the too cool for skoolness torontonians got told off by the band for sucking! HAHA! thankfully, there were tons of fun people there too. like us. :) thanks to the best entourage ever, what a great night of dancing & fun!

whoops, i better get off here, MamaPink is going to be mad if she sees i'm not in bed yet. :)

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whatever, small fry! us active senior citizens can hardly help it if our youthful wiles cause toronto sun reporters to mistake us for underagers.

who were the young girls.... pffft, have you seen livingstoned try to buy cigarettes lately? ha

LOL! Since I cut my hair off I've been getting carded on occasion as well! I'm just teasing ya you young girl you!

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