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The Just Barely's, Country Church vs the Crotch Rockets Tonight/PJC


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about Leonard Gold in this week's View

“I think the mysterious nature just grew out of the

circumstances the music lies under,†explains Robbie Holmes on

the origins of one of the new artists on Drinking Cap by the name

of Leonard Gold. “I mean, I found a man in the woods playing

music, a total recluse, poised to make music for the sheer joy of it

and not the recognition. I took that music with his permission, fell

in love with it and decided, hey, someone else should hear this.â€

While fishing in Algonquin Park, Holmes reportedly came

upon this man born into a family of park rangers and, like a

modern day indie rock Henry David Thoreau, creating his own

artwork influenced on the nature that surrounded him.

and The Just Barelys written all about too

Drinkin Cap is fun record label

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