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The new one is A LOT more mature sounding. Except that cheese ass gospel tune! I'm really hoping they learn how to play a REAL ROCK SHOW before they hit Toronto. Not like a Toronto crowd will care, as long as they can hit up the water cooler the next day and say "so I saw Kings of Leon last night...". Bullshit!

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It was just a lame play on a lyric.

She was underwhelmed

If that's a word

I know it's not

'Cause I looked it up

That's one of those skills

That I learned in my school

I was overwhelmed

And I'm sure of that one

'Cause I learned it

Back in grade school

When I was young

She said, "You is funny"

I said, "You are funny"

She said, "Thank you"

And I said, "Never mind"

And she rolled her eyes

Her beautiful eyes

The point is not the grammar

It's the feeling

That is certainly in my heart

But not in hers

But not in hers

But not in hers

But not in hers

We were talkin' about people

That eat meat

I felt like an ass

'Cause I was one

She said, "It's okay"

But I felt like

I just ate my young

She's obviously

A person with a cause

I told her that

I don't smoke or drink

She told me to loosen up

On her way to the L.C.

She skips her classes

And gets good grades

I go to my courses

Rain or shine

She's passed her classes

While I attend mine

While I attend mine

While I attend mine

While I attend

She wrote out a story

About her life

I think it included

Something about me

I'm not sure of that

But I'm sure of one thing

Her spelling's atrocious

She told me to read

Between the lines

And tell her exactly

What I got out of it

I told her affection had two F's

Especially when

You're dealing with me

I usually notice

All the little things

Once time I was proud of it

She says it's annoying

She cursed me up and down

And rolled her R's

(Her beautiful R's)

She says I'm caught up

In triviality

All I really wanna know

Is what she thinks of me

I think my love for her

Makes me miss the point

I miss the point

I miss the point

I miss the point

I miss the point

I miss the point

I miss the point

Hey mister

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