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Just back from 2 weeks cat skiing


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Talk about the dream job. I just got "tried out" for a tail guide position with a cat skiing operation in the Monashee mtns. Two weeks of killer turns with a bunch of people who could collectively pay off Canada's entire national debt (maybe a bit of an exageration...). If it turns into work for next winter - bonus.

15000 to 20000 vertical feet per day.

Five course gourmet meals.

Beautiful log frame lodge

Good times.


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got pictures?

were you at Monashee Powder? A friend of mine was there (i think) earlier this year I think, said he had an awesome time.

2 weeks though? My legs are usually dead after a couple days of lift-accessed stuff!

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It was Mustang Powder Cats. One of the original Monashee Powder owners split off four years ago to start Mustang (he's a former olympian equestrian dude, hence the name).

One of my ski partners is an assistant ski guide (ACMG) and he works there. Told me about an opening and it all came together.

I've had to ski a lot of powder to get to this point in my career :-)

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Yay - road trip :-) We're hitting O-ville too.

Yeah, GG - Kicking Horse rules with fresh. I had the pleasure of taking off my knee brace for the first time post-surgery at KH - they dropped the rope on fuze bowl right when I got off Stairway chair. First tracks with 45 fresh - cornice drop to one of those off-fall-line chute wall lines. What a great way to say goodbye to the brace!

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