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Luke Bowden for Sherriff of Wellington County and Phat City (formerly Guelp

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This thread is like days of our lives meet xfiles...or what I imagine a well written Dean R Koontz book would be like.

This is all very sad though. I understand what it must be like to try and cover your tracks Luke, to try and save face. But people will truly love you when you decide to be honest...you'll be surprised at how quickly people accept others when they admit their faults and start being human again. We can all see where you're going with this, just come clean and put an end to this interestingly satirical plot of romance/espionage/manipulation/etc...

I do hope you feel well soon Luke...we've never met, but I do know every human has the right to feel content with their lives. I hope you find a way to mend yours and become a little more self aware.


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I am not being conspiratorial here. If 'NewRider' is Aaron Dietrich or who we know as Aaron Dietrich I have not seen him in months. I have two friends, who I will not identify, that have actually spoken to 'Adelle Short'.

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Look what I missed!

This is the reason why parents are supposed to watch what their kids are doing on myspace. A grown man should know enough not to get scammed or involved with complete strangers. Imagine what is happening to kids?

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it IS Aaron Dietrich. I wasn't representing myself as one of your "friends" when I sent her a message on myspace. I was doing some investigatory journalism which I'm sure as a fellow investigatory journalist you can appreciate. I wanted to know if she was in fact a real person and if she knew her phone number was on the internet.

She is real, she got real scared and was forced to contact the police due to harassment. Sounds like a nice gal, too bad it didn't work out for ya.

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This is the reason why parents are supposed to watch what their kids are doing on myspace. A grown man should know enough not to get scammed or involved with complete strangers. Imagine what is happening to kids?

I've been taking this point profoundly to heart.

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[color:red]STURM UND DRAG

My name is Luke Cathcart Bowden my birthdate is 07/25/76.

I am a friend to all Law Enforcement, I thought they were my friends.

This is how my last 3 days went. I went to the Albion Hotel in Guelph Friday Night where my Minister Bubba (of the Universal Life Church) with whom I have a sacrosanct right of privilege works also as the General Manager.

I had a lovely relaxed night drinking diet coke, breakdancing and listening to the Killin’ Time Band whose guitarist Brad is the grandson of Gordie Tapp (Reverend on Hee Haw- a LEGEND in the American South) you know him from waterbed commercials.

Brad has a recording of his gramps, Chet Atkins and about 4 other insane guitarists I’m not recalling. It’s not a public recording.

At the end of the night a bartender who has notably struggled with a severe cocaine addiction for years made apparently what Bubba tells me he thought was a joke. He actually scared the fucking shit out of me. If you’ve been fucked up the ass generally it’s not a good idea to pat someone on the ass. Just as it’s not appropriate for a man to ‘grind up on’ a woman placing his penis in her buttock in a club. This happens EVERY night around the world and is called Sexual Assault.

I made a good decision after lying up all night petrified, drinking warm milk to release typtophan a naturally occurring sleep agent, to go the one place I thought I WASN’T safe: the Guelph Police Department.

My grandfather was a Colonel in the military, my uncle was a Major, my cousin is a cop in Ottawa. I talk to TONNES of cops all the time, they make it seem like I’m getting info from them but they just plug me for the shit they have no clue about.

The next day I was returning at 2:00 in the morning from a lovely graduation for student friends of mine in Guelph where we learned Limbo Etiquette and notably ROCKED THE FUCK OUT TO JULEZ SANTANA.

He wears a Red Bandana.

As much as I love Julez. I will NEVER wear a red bandana.

I am a hopper in the ROC.

3 cruisers one #122 one #130 and a canine unit between them i.e. with it’s driver door streetside – all 3 were empty and the computer screen was up so I looked in the window and wrote down the information as follows:

Car to Car

#220 Norfolk

Mary, Conroy

Entry says Male, #10


This is private information that should never have been available to the public and now it is on the internet.

An undercover woman police officer in an unmarked SUV drove by the other side of the street and said ‘What Are You Doing?’. I said ‘It’s okay, I’m a journalist I’m just writing down some private information that shouldn’t be public’.

This undercover then called dispatch who called the officers in #10, one looked out the window and they ran down and a very aggressive (I later realized he was either on cocaine, alcohol or severely addicted or corrupt) Canine officer (notably the officer who would and should and will get fired for that infraction) became very aggressive and put his flack jacketed and demi-gloved hand in my face. I had my arms behind my back in a soft and compliant posture. There was a VERY good young male cop with a brush cut I call ‘Archie’ on scene and a young female officer were also on the scene (notably both cruisers had markings saying high school something or other – I have notably volunteered throughout Wellington County as a volunteer mental health speaker for a program called Beautiful Minds) .

At dawn that morning after another non-violent but restless night I resolved to go to the Police Station AGAIN and file another assault complaint THIS ONE highly valid, the other was an incident report.

I entered the station and in FRENCH asked to file an assault etc. NOTABLY NOT A SINGLE OFFICER IN THE ENTIRE STATION COULD SPEAK FRENCH.

Does this strike anyone as odd?

We have lived in a ‘bilingual country’ (actually 180 nationalities countless dialects, religious affiliations and transcultural identities) for 20 years.

Look here’s the low because this gets scary fast.

Guelph is run by two warring Klans in Calabria called the San Giorgio Morgetto (http://www.sgiorgiomorgeto.it/).

My former place of residence, my true Spiritual Home, the centre of the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage, Halifax is notably entirely owned by Buddhists.


The Hells Angels are just bike couriers that are businessing it up.

I don’t know a single Italian Canadian that thinks it’s cool to have Crack in the Catholic High Schools of Wellington County.

The richest kids can afford drugs and their mobbed up parents hook them up and a single dealer at for instance Country Day School (who exchanged many teachers and headmasters with one of my alma maters Crescent School) sells 300 Ecstasy. That’s 1 dealer at a really really really rich school in King City.

Okay so the San Jor-Z Z are True Christians. They’re my people.

If you can sneeze money like I COULD – like all of my ‘Economist’ friends (ie. Professional trading WHORES) – you’d be willing to take some serious bulletfire of words over ending up in a bowge of Dante’s Inferno for money breeders.

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