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Canadian Idol- BOOOOOO!!!

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or moreso the canadians who voted- boooooo.

I cannot believe they voted off Toya!! WTF?!?! SHe was the ONLY one would could sing, literally. With feeling, and without making me embarrassed to be alive! I cannot belive those two balding rockers or the little Jermaine Dupre wanna-be advanced. sad state of affairs this nation. Is it because shes overweight? because shes black? She should've won.

Its all about Jenny Gear now.

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Wow, another CI fan on the board... cool.

I was shocked that Toya got voted off too. But then I realized, I am a musician, so of course I thought she was amazing. But think about how she would appear to the average fan of CI.

She's strange, has very little stage presence, she's a little too christian. And most of all, she seems really damn cold. Don't you think?

She was definitely the best singer but certainly not an Idol.



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Agree on the cold vibe, PhishyK. I also thought Toya pulled out too many vocal tricks for her last two performances. I thought her last song was smoking until she killed it with histrionics.

That said, she was the best singer of the bunch and I was hoping she'd make it to at least top two.

Don't care too much for anyone else. Really don't think Malcolm is as good as his popularity would indicate. Still hear the cover band singer in him. Billy just screams. Thought Gary was ok but now all I can hear are his sharp notes. Audrey probably sounds great singing in french but she struggles so much with english that her singing sounds laboured. I guess I'm rooting for Jenny, because she's weird.

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