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Zappa Plays Zappa - Toronto Presale

Kanada Kev

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I caught this show the last time it rolled through Toronto and it was AMAZING!!!! Presale has been on for a few days, but i was just able to score 2 tix in row DD! Row KK, C, D, etc. were all available too.

I highly encourage anyone who is slightly interested in hearing Zappa material played by incredible musicians, and Zappa family and alumni, to check out this show. It is well worth the coin! Last time we got a 40 minute live performance by Frank (on film) pumped through the PA and then a good 2.5 hour show by ZPZ.



This pic shows the layout from row DD being front row.



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GRAB was GREAT!!! Still love that show. I think i may have to listen to Mike & The Italians this afternoon while i "work" .

So, you gonna come out for ZPZ??? It's a killer time for any fan who appreciates killer jams and awesome music (even if you don't have deep familiarity with Zappa's catalogue).

Party on the Patio at the downstairs bar at the Hummingbird ... just like at GRAB :)

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