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RC: amy milan at casbah tomorrow


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so - a quick, top-of-my-head review.

opening band, The Rest, were awesome.

The coolest thing about them may have been the fact that there was a Florida-based band, also called The Rest, who recently broke up, and sent these guys all of there merch, just for kicks. I just thought that was a really cool thing to do, and nice that these guys got to reap the benefits.

As for their set, well, if you like the Arcade Fire, you'll dig em. Pretty much a clone, with a singer who sounded quite a lot like Win, and a female cellist, amongst a group of 7 members. I like the Arcade Fire a lot, and so these guys blew me away. Id see em again, given the chance.

Now, Amy Millan. Del, if yer out there, you shoulda been there. I cant really give an exact setlist, but this at least gets the point across.

-Losing You (Amy solo Acoustic)

-Stars Tune (Amy solo Acoustic, Could have been "Heart", contained a line about wrapping my heart in a blanket)

-Amy introduces band, The Dirty Strangers

-Ruby II

-Hard Hearted

-Baby I

- um, i know there was something in here.....

-He Brings Out The Whiskey

-um, something here too.

- Skinny Boy

no encore.

The acoustic opener of Losing You was awesome, its such a beautiful tune that got a nice facelift with such a stripping-down. I know ive heard the Stars Tune, but Im just not that familiar with pre-SYOFire Stars. The full band (partly made up of Michael Bryant (sp?) of Paso Mino on keys and Darcy Yates from the New Kings on bass, plus other folks whose names i didnt get but who played drums, guitar, and lap steel)joined at this point, and we got the alt-twangy style that Honey From the Tombs was all about.

short set, but it seems like Amy's always are. Skinny Boy was a great closer, with a good spacey instrumental outro.

Afraid ive got no more time, so thats it, but perhaps someone will post a review and proper setlist at


And, once again, Brodie, a thousand thanks, a great night indeed.

Margaret, thanks for coming, i had a blast.


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THE REST are one of the better Hamilton bands going right now.

This show was definitely top notch. Amy's music is perfect for the Casbah and it's vibe.

Thanks to the Sanctuary members and their support on this one.

THE REST play Hamilton in June also. I'll be sure to pass along the details when they are completely organized.



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