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Favorite Venue?


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Just thought I'd put it out there. What is your favorite venue?

I don't mean cheepeast beer or the band you saw there. But just a place where the whole experance is always amazing.

For me I'd say it was the Gothic Arches, in N.B. The venue is very old church, its huge, amazing wood working, staind glass.

Just waking in is a experance.

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I have many where that walking in is a great experience... have to say the Gorge is Number 1 just for the sheer majestic view and impecable sound... The theatre in Syracuse where I saw Trey in 2001 was insane walking in... ill have to look up the name... Massey Hall has a special place in my heart for the unbelievable shows ive seen there not to mention the beautiful sound... the Thomas and Mack Center in Vegas is alot of fun...

edited to add... That Town Ballroom in Buffalo is something special!!

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The Mishawaka Amphitheatre in the Poudre Canyon in Colorado. It's about a 40 minute drive from Fort Collins, where I lived for a bit.

It's nestled in the valley of the Rockies, with the Poudre River running behind the stage, along the lawn, and under the deck.

Being in such a beautiful environment while listening to beautiful music is the best feeling I've ever had.

Plus, there was a little island to camp on after shows, right behind the stage in the river. Fun, weird times.

I was so lucky to be a part of the Mish magic..





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barrymore's (minus most of the staff and draught beer taps)


theatre nationale - montreal

bonnaroo tents

sahara tent - coachella

black sheep inn

hope to erase all these from the list and replace with The Gorge in t-minus 3 weeks approx

i can't rememember a quarter of the venues i've been to.

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Honourable Mention: Ole Seminole Indian Reserve

Hell YA !!! Loved that place, the little island they had lite up glowing red at night was the topper, drums going everywhere, people hangin from the trees, finding animal skeletons around, it was like another world...

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Mostly due to general nostalgia, but my one of my favourites will always be the original La Luna on King street in Hamilton.

That place was crazy, cozy, and like a second home in many ways.

It was very much the foundation from which a good portion of the Hammertown skank scene sprung...

Oh how I miss that place sometimes...

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