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The Kiss & Tells Live at Cameron House tonight!! (May2)


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Hey Everyone - this band really kicks ass.

The Band features Charlie Glasspool, Wyatt Burton and Mathias Kom all from the Silver Hearts - Plus Kait on the killer vocals and Jenny taking the low end ...wow....

It is Sorta Amy Winhousey burlesquey punk 60s soul blues put a big smile on your face type of stuff.

You don't want to miss it!!


Born amidst the din of General Electric and the smoke stacks of local industry, The Kiss and Tells call to mind a band out of time and place. A time when people played from their guts on real instruments and without vocal pitch shifters. A place where bands played high school proms and secret engagements known only to the in-the-know.

Barely out of diapers, The Kiss and Tells have already built a rabid following of dance party R n' B punk soul hard lounge-core enthusiasts. The band features the astonishing powerhouse voice of Kait Do-it with devilish accomplice Wyatt 'Red Squirrel' Burton on stringed things and vocals. The rhythm section features Jenny G-Spot on the very low end of love and the triumphant invading blows of Genghis Kom on war machine. Rounding out the group is Charnobyl and his uncompromising nuclear assault on keys and trumpet. The Kiss and Tells are looking forward to releasing their debut album "Love School" on Banbury Park Records this spring.

The new CD is hot off the presses and will be available at the show.

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