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Scott Morrison comments on the Shane Doan situation


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well done Scott. This is a ridiculous issue.

Time to shed a little light on why Shane Doan is not casting a shadow on Team Canada.

In case you missed it, and we all should have been spared, a parliamentary committee has requested that Hockey Canada explain why Doan was made captain of the team at the world championships in Moscow. It has nothing to do with skills and leadership abilities, of course, but rather it is about 17-month-old allegations that Doan uttered a derogatory comment toward a French-Canadian referee.

Doan denied making the comment, is involved in a lawsuit to prove it further, and a league investigation exonerated him, as well.

Yet the politicians persist. The NDP's Jack Layton went so far as to suggest that making Doan captain "cast a shadow" on the team and by extension the interest in the team. And all parties supported a Bloc Quebecois motion requesting an explanation from Hockey Canada.

A few days after filing your tax returns, aren't you glad to know where the money is going?

It is embarrassing, to say the least, that these people are consumed by this non-issue. It is shameful they are wasting taxpayers' money and official government time, especially when you consider all that is wrong in this country that should be receiving their attention. What it isn't, of course and sadly, is surprising.

And let's not forget, it is extremely unfortunate for Doan.

We could save these people from themselves and spare the wasted time and expense of Hockey Canada having to explain the appointment of Doan, but then political grandstanding spares no time or expense.

Fact is, Doan was found guilty of nothing.

Fact is, he is regarded by those who know him as being as upstanding an individual as you will find.

Fact is, he is a helluva hockey player and a leader on his NHL team.

Fact is, he has won gold medals at the world championship in 2003 and 2004 and was a member of the last champion World Cup of Hockey team.

Depending on the count, as many as 19 players declined an invitation to serve their country in this tournament. Doan, with four young children at home, did not.

It was coach Andy Murray, however, who said it best:

"Shane Doan has answered the call whenever Canada's asked. He's done enough that he probably had the right to maybe say no and he never has said no to Canada...That's all I'll say about it -- it's just the fact that I think he's a real Canadian."

All of which begs the question, how exactly is he casting a shadow on anything?

Layton, as best we know, never said.

Ours is such a wonderful country, on and off the ice. On days like these, however, we are reminded it is still far from perfect.

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