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Worst Venues?


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babylon, ottawa - their staff and bookings and sound are amazing, but they need higher ceilings, a real stage, and to have it centred. the sightlines are non-existant.

the new capital music hall, ottawa - awful everything

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I was at Bogart's in Cincinnati in June 1999 to see Guided By Voices and the Flaming Lips the night after.

I drank $3 black russians all night that were filled to the brim. None of this 1 oz drink stuff.

I proceeded to tip the bartender at night's end and vomit in her bar sink. She thanked me for the tip, and handed me a scoop to help clean the bar.

It was one of the last times I was ever drunk actually.

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I like the Opera House!

The Kool Haus, not so much.

Not that I wish to give a very nice man a heart attack (respect to whiteymuseum - hey, I think The Underground KICKS ASS!) - but Hamilton's The Casbah I have pretty much given up on, and I'm ok with that.

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Off the top of my head...

Rogers Centre

Opera House

Kool Haus

Copps (but I do like it better then Rogers)

The MOD club gets a demerit point from me because of the terrible access to the washroom (and that fuckin maze once you get down the stairs), especially once the show starts. But it's not a "worst" by any means.

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From a performers point of view, Lee's Palace is a very loud venue. If you are interested in playing music with any sort of dynamics, forget it.

It needs to be full for the stage sound to work out at all.

From an audience point of view, the sound is not so hot, imo, very muffled and loud....

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There are a lot of bad venues. Performers could often eclipse the brutal qualities sometimes, but very rarely :(

Rock and Roll Heaven (defunct Toronto venue) had horrible sight lines due to it being an "L" shaped room and massive columns in the middle of the floor.

Varsity Arena also gone, thankfully. The closest thing i'd experienced to being in a tin can (esp Big Sug and Blues Traveler birthday gig in '96, also the Crowes)

El Mo old upstairs layout. Long rectangular room and they put the stage along the side so that the majority of the crowd could ONLY get a view/sound from a side vantage point.

Comfort Zone as much as I had fun at this venue, the low ceiling and not much of a stage/riser for the band, pillars, etc. didn't provide for sightlines (particularly frustrating for performers like Charlie Hunter who played sitting on a chair ... only the people right in front of him could see him perform on his wild guitars)

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