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A moment during Umphrey's, Toronto April 17th


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A moment during Umphrey's, Toronto April 17th, 2007

Concert Review

By Lara Purvis


Brendan Bayliss
The chanting was demanding and loud, "Umphrey's! Umphrey's! Umphrey's!" calling the Chicago band back to the stage for their encore.

Most of the band was downstairs, taking a moment in the Toronto Opera House's green room, and doing whatever it is that bands do in those frenzied moments.

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Drummer, Kris Myers and stage manager Robbie Williams stood sidestage, stunned by the Canadian crowd's reaction. "Wow, that's crazy," muttered Myers, leaning against the wall, exhilarated. The chanting only got louder, and Williams responded, heading to the top of the stairs and yelling downstairs at the guys to get their asses upstairs. The sound of their feet, thumping on the wooden stairs and their laughter as they returned, was only just audible through the roar of the crowd.

The significance of the moment wasn't lost on the band. In an interview on Jambands.ca prior to the rare Toronto show, singer and guitarist, Brendan Bayliss had intimated that more frequent Canadian shows would be in the works, if this Toronto show went over well. It was their very first full solo concert in Canada and the crowd was chanting, bellowing - things had gone well.

Grins on their faces, they took their places back on stage. They downed one last swig of their beers before launching into the encore, "2 x 2," sharing with Toronto just a few more moments of that special blend that we call 'um.


Jake Cinninger on guitar
  Set List

  Hurt Bird bath>Dear Lord>Hurt Bird bath


  Dump city>It’s about that time>Dump city

  Intentions Clear

  The Triple Wide

  Ocean Billy>Bottom Half>Jimmy Stewart>Bottom Half

  Resolution>When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around>

  Jimmy Stewart>Mail Package

  Number 5>Ocean Billy

  White Man's Moccasins

  2 x 2





  BradM's recording:




Photos by Lara Purvis (click to enlarge)









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The difference is that the Whistler show was a festival set - the 2006 World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

As far as I know they've played two other festival sets in Canada (The Big Summer Classic in Toronto and Ottawa) but this was in fact, their first full solo concert.

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There was a festival going on in Whistler, but that just means that bands were brought to play for free, each day. It was nothing like the Big Summer Classic (and I don't know about Ottawa).

The "festival" was a ski/snowboard festival, dedicated to sports and sporting events, not a music festival. That day there was a single show, with Flowmotion opening for Umphrey's. It's not as though a series of bands was playing that day, or a bunch of stages were going on or anything like that. It was an opening band and a headliner, which I consider a solo-concert (the only difference being that no concert-goer paid Umphrey's to watch them play).

I get your point, though. It just sounds like splitting hairs.

Anyway, no worries; I was really just curious.

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I think they also did an opening set (for Fat cats?) in Hamilton in 1999.



True... and that definitely wouldn't be considered a full solo concert...

I think we're splitting hairs as long as we're debating the issue. But I also think that it is significant - the first time a band books a full concert without an opener at a venue like the Opera House. Its part leap of faith, part testing the waters... It shows they're willing to consider Toronto being a future stop in their tour schedules. Thats significant.

By the way StoneMtn, you live in TO now dont you? Were you at the show?

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I'm pretty sure they've done a few of their own shows in Vancouver.. Phantasy Tour shows 2..

06/22/01 The Starfish Room, Vancouver, BC

Set I: Kimble> The Fuzz, Kat's Tune, Africa1, Prowler> 2nd Self> Blue Echo> Slacker> Mullet (Over)

Set II: 40's Theme2, QBert> Baby Honey Sugar Darling, Baby You're a Rich Man> Slacker, Example 1> Nothing too Fancy> White Man's Moccassins, Cantaloupe Island> Out of Order, All Things Ninja2

Encore: The Fussy Dutchman

5/12/05 Richards on Richards, Vancouver, BC

Set I: Andy's Last Beer, Anchor Drops, The Fuzz> Lenny> The Haunt> Jimmy Stewart> Kinky Reggae, Mulche's Odyssey, In the Kitchen

Set II: Bright Lights> Jazz Odyssey1> Robot World> Hajimemashite> And Justice For All, The Crooked One> Resolution2> Thin Air3

Encore: That's the Way, Believe the Lie

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I found


from Thursday's in Victoria (probably the day before the show at The Starfish Room) and


which is from The Boot Pub in Whistler, BC (probably the day after the show at The Starfish Room); both shows are two-set ones, with encores, so I think they're UM headlining shows.



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