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Underwater town in Ontario? (Any SCUBA diving Skanks?)


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A SCUBA diving friend of mine from BC is encouraging me to keep at my diving even though I'm pretty much land-locked here in Ontario. I can dive lakes in this province, but it doesn't sound too exciting ... or at least it didn't until I heard about this:

He tells me there is a town in Ontario that was completely flooded, and rather than moving the town or anything, they just left it and it is now underwater in what I assume is now a lake.

Does anyone have any clue what he's talking about? My friend is a pretty hardcore SCUBA diver with many equally hardcore diver friends who are instructors, etc., so I'm willing to bet he is correct, but I want to find out where this place is and check out the diving scene around there.


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Sounds f'n cool. I may have to swim on down there sometime! I wonder if anyone's ever written a song about Black Donald.

In other Skanky scuba news, I'll soon be hitting the east coast of Korea for some fun dives in the Sea of Japan (or as Koreans refer to it, the East Sea).

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