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Borat to play Freddy


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Looks like Sacha Baron Cohen's gonna need to grow that Borat stache; the British comedian, best known for his film "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," is set to star in a biopic of the band Queen. Baron Cohen will play the band's front man, Freddy Mercury, who bears a resemblance to the comedian.

Apparently, Johnny Depp was also up for the role but Baron Cohen won by a nose (pun intended). The film will show the wild life of the gay rock-star who partied until he contracted AIDS and died at age 45.

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2 points of order for whoever wrote that section you quoted - it's Freddie, not Freddy. And he was bisexual.

Interesting news - this could make or break my platonic love for Cohen. He better do it justice, and the movie makers better do the same. Hope it turns out ok. I think Depp would have been great for the role as well.

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