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Heady Vibes For The Kungster...


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I realize that the Kung/Zero contingent has caused some shit on the board in the past and has made some friends as well as enimies but regardless, he is not in a good place or way right now. "Serves you right" will not be an acceptable reply in this case I'm afraid. For those of you who don't know, Luke and I have known each other since we were kids which makes for a much different relationship as you can well imagine.

At any rate, seeing as he didn't hold anything back in the past with regard to his personal life, I'm sure he won't mind if I bring this to light. He could definietly use the help and "heady vibes" as they say. Long story short, he has been in the Don Jail in Toronto for the better part of two weeks from what I understand and has had a beating that put him in an intensive care type situation along the way. Pretty heavy shit to say the least, not a good scene at all. I won't go into any further detail as everyone has a different perspective on this sort of thing and I don't want to present a distorted picture but obviously there were signs present that something was up. Not seeing him post on the board here or answer PM's pointed to something not being right. At any rate, I'm sure he'll pull through as is always the case.

Hang in there buddy...

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I too had been hoping that his recent silence on the board had meant that he was getting some down time in a safe environment.

My heart goes out to Luke. I hope that this situation turns around for him real soon. I don't know him well personally, but yet I believe he has the inner strength to rebound again.

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