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Caution Jam playing in Brantford and Toronto this weekend!


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Just wanted to tell everybody about these two shows and extend an invite to one and all...

Two Doors Down in Brantford,, 10pm start.

(139 Market st.) Friday night.

Rancho Relaxo in Toronto,, 10:30 start.

(300 College St.) Saturday night.

Hope to see you!

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WOOOHOOO... One last blast with Mad Mark Crissinger for me. A night of celebration for sure! My old lady's birthday and a somewhat of a bittersweet goodbye to an amazing person I've known since I was 17.

I hope you enjoy the left coast Mark, it's been a pleasure following you musically all these years.


***please play Dead Flowers one more time for me***

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I wish I could be there to party one last time with Willy before he becomes a parent, but parental duty calls.

I wish I could be there to party with Mark C. and Caution Jam in Browntown, but my final Crissinger Caution Jam show will have to wait until next Saturday night at the Come Together Fest.

Have a blast tonight everyone!

Peace, Mark

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on www.eye.net this show is listed as being at the Trane Studio.

on www.nowtoronto.com it says rancho relaxo.

plus, if one goes to rancho relaxo's website, and then follow the link to ranchos myspace page, it seems to be the page of a female in Ohio.

im getting confused, think im gonna take a nap.

MarkC, if you read this, then whats cover tonight?

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Last night in Brantford was really really good. I forgot how well the three guys at the front of Caution Jam can sing. Crissinger is an amazing player too and he totally ripped it up. Viola Lee Blues was a total highlight for me.

Great seeing you in Brantford Willy!

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