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Kingfest Music Festival, Seneca College Campus


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There's a new festival taking place at the Seneca College, King Campus from June 22-24. Ticket are reasonable and the lineup is decent as well. Local food, beer, artisans, kids activities too. Looks like a nice small family-friendly festival.

Here's the website

Here are the acts announced on their website:


* Sloan

* The Trews

* Joel Plaskett Emergency

* The Jim Cuddy Band

* Prairie Oyster

* Bruce Cockburn

* Sarah Harmer

* Al Simmons

* Ariana Gillis


* Justin Rutledge

* Katherine Wheatley

* Kieran Kane & Lucas Kane

* Lynn Miles

* Madagascar Slim

* Mike Stevens & Raymond McLain

* Nancy Dutra

* Ndidi Onukwulu

* Oh Susanna

* Pat Robitaille

* Sho, Mo & The Monkey Bunch

* Susan Werner

* The Salads

* Wendell Ferguson

* Dani Strong

* David Hein

* Glenn Marais

* Grainne Ryan

* Jack D

* James McKenty & The Spades

* Japhy Ryder

* Joel Krivy

* Jon Brooks

* Lou Moore & Friends

* Poor Tom

* Rick Robichauld

* Sarah Burton

* Turn Off The Stars

* Voyce

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