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Shainhouse appreciation thread

mister slippery

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3 cheers for a good dude.

nice to see you this week, shain, you should be very proud of the way the AlliesJourney benefit went. Everyone put in a lot of effort, and its nice to see a positive result.

A lot of people take their gifts and talents for granted, nice to see you using yours for good things.

You never cease to amaze me, buddy, well done.

see you for North by Northeast.

June 6 right?


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My life changed the night I saw Shain playing bongos with various members of nero and other friends also playing along. I'm not saying my life changed because I saw Shain playing bongos, just that it changed that night. Well, my life changes pretty much every day, but that day's change was at least slightly more significant than the changes of most of my other days.


Looking forward to hooking up with him the next time, whenver/wherever that may be.



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On a day when I really needed a pick me up. I lost my debit card and then my bike's chain went the way of old yeller; plus that my cell phone dropped on the metro tracks and they had to stop the whole system to get it for me - which was embarrassing but quite funny. One of those days.

Thanks everyone. Really, I love this site.. and this is why. thanks.

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