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Grateful Dead Day in Ithaca


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What a show! There was soo much positive energy in that town all day and night.

Baj, HippyRastaChild (Lauren), and Chard Romes (Rich), and I headed down to the DSO show early to hang out in town.

It was a beautiful day in downtown Ithaca, with beautiful people everywhere. There were tye-dye signs hung in most shop windows saying "Ithaca is Grateful", and there was an amazing cheer in the air.

There were various groups of musicians who were playing Grateful Dead tunes, always with a crowd gathered around who were belting out the lyrics. A whole lot of people were walking around looking for extras or looking for their miracle ticket. Others (like myself) were drawing inspirational messages (ha..) and GD Day related artwork with sidewalk chalk.

Bubble machines were going, and the sunshine greeted the smiling faces of both the young and old.

The theatre was pretty neat, but smaller than I expected. The seats made it pretty hard to dance, but it seemed like most people were fine with absorbing the music and singing along. It was fun guessing the people who may have been at the original 5/8/77 show, and at the end DSO asked who had been.

There was a sign hanging saying something like "It's been 10,010 days since Upstate NY's last Dark Star" (I forget the exact number), and the band came out and confused the hell out of me when they started playing Dark Star. They then played Ripple, which was amazing!

After the first two songs they began playing the legendary show. Each song brought greater and greater energy. Every band member was rocking out, smiling, and having a great time.

Jack Straw was crazy! It had everyone in a frenzy that kept going through Deal. The crowd was disco dancin' crazy for Dancin' in the Streets, and the place felt like a sauna!

It was awesome to see the majority of the people who were looking for a ticket inside!

St. Stephen brought the most energy yet, with everyone "woooo-ing" and yelling out, but Not Fade Away somehow topped that energy level. The Morning Dew was magical and sincere.

After the encore of One More Saturday Night, the band had extra time, so they played Terrapin Station and Good Lovin', which was beautiful and fun, an amazing surprise.

After the show the streets were crawling with concert-goers and locals. We met a man that we named "Ithaca man" who was a retired local who kept telling us that we should come back to Ithaca, and telling us the interesting and good points about the town.

The next day we explored a little around the town. We found the waterfall in the middle of town and chilled there for awhile, enjoying the beauty. It was my first visit to Ithaca, and already I want to go back. Such a beautiful town with super-nice people.

We had a wonderful time, and it was the best Grateful Dead Day ever!!!

Yay! :o:o:o

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Right on captainsunshine! Glad you guys had such a good time at the show and in Ithaca. I enjoyed the show thoroughly (along with a few others here http://jambands.ca/sanctuary/showtopic.php?tid/240013/all/1/ ) and the energy was coming through loud and clear.

At one point I thought i saw Baj, but then the guy was wearing glasses. They should be streaming the show again. Keep your eye on http://www.iclips.net/

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Most of these dimwits might believe your story captainsunshine but I am onto your game. You can fool 99.999% of Deadheads most of the time but you wont catch me.

You're still a Deadhead? I was under the impression you'd "moved on".

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and the band came out and confused the hell out of me when they started playing Dark Star.

happened to me, too, the first time I ever saw the Grateful Dead. I turned to Dave, as an "anchor", for some kind of pull-me-down-from-the-rafters reality check, and said something like "Is it usually this weird?" He answered (having seen them lots, but in his inimitable way) "I hope so" and then I was hooked! :P

too short, those 6 fun years, way too short!

still haven't made up my mind about this whole DSO thing...guess I can't until I actually see them...but it is an odd thing, methinks

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