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i think it's officially patio season.


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I'm so glad to hear youse foxy foxes are in the same city and able to enjoy each other's company....

hope those frosties come with some suitable hotties delivering them to your table!!!

me, I'm digging in the dirt, transplanting tiger lillies, on my third beer of this gorgeous afternoon, and looking forward to our bonfire continuing into the evening!!!

Ooops! That was me..... 2004-9-23-13-25-35-rhythm--and--booze.jpg

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look how clever I am whilst tispy....pasting in my avatar
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I've started to listen to Kim Mitchell on q107 recently as well.. another summer of "patio laterns" !!!

it kills me that kim gets paid to listen to songs, solo (wank) over them, and then say i wish i wrote that. sheeeeeeesh, i cant stand that kim mitchell radio show, but he does play good tunes for the most part.

patio seasons here in the hammer, me and my buddy hit it up last monday waiting for paycheques to be ready, and man, did it ever feel good.

we're redoing our backyard now, putting in our own little stone patio, cant wait until its done


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