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Has anyone been to LiVE Lounge (Ottawa)?


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James McKenty And The Spades are scheduled to play LiVE Lounge in Ottawa on Thursday, June 7. I haven't been to the club yet, as they haven't had any bands I wanted to see, but I hope to be out for this. Has anybody been there? I think it's interesting that they're affiliated with a radio station (LiVE 88.5 FM, and they give multi-track recordings to the bands who play there on Friday nights; I think the Thursday night shows may also be broadcast live to air.

What I find strange, though, is a press release currently on the main page of Zaphod Beeblebrox, which makes claims of "unfair practices" by the radio station and talks of a "recent incident [that] highlights what can happen when a radio station decides it will support only one set of players in the community"; it even says they'll take their case to the CRTC and calls for a boycott of 88.5 FM.

I e-mailed Eugene Haslam (owner of Zaphod) asking for more details about the "incident" etc., but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know what he's complaining about? (I find it frustrating that he's calling for a boycott without giving me the information I need to decide if I should participate in the boycott.)



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that's interesting brad - i've just asked the same question at punkottawa after reading your post.

if i run into eugene downtown tonight i'll ask him personally.

as far as livelounge goes, i've been in once and it's a fairly nice bar. don't know about bands as it was quiet when i was there, but the bar was nice enough.

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