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Wood Shavings, Free to a good home!

Ms Zimmy

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Just wondering if anyone in the Ottawa area has a need for wood shavings? It comes from a planer, so it's not fine like sawdust.

When I was living up north, sometimes farmers would take it for animal stalls...we don't have enough for a big farm but we have a couple garbage bags full and I don't know what to do with it, figured someone might have a use for it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Twitchie & Costanza can split the bags.

Twitchie: Hey, Costanza, check this out!

(Twitchie shows Costanza a small plastic ziplock bag, with brownish shreds of plant material in it.)

Costanza: What is that?

(Twitchie opens the bag, sniffs it, holds it under Costanza's nose.)

Twitchie: Smell that, man! That's pure oak!

Costanza: Oak? Where'd you get that? Is it that bunk treated stuff?

Twitchie: No, man, it's untreated! You know how hard this stuff is to find?

Costanza: I hear you, brother. Where'd you get it?

Twitchie: Well, I have a source. I don't want to give away too much, you understand.

Costanza: No problem, it's cool.

Twitchie: Tell you what, let's break some out.

Costanza: Oh, man, I was hoping you'd say that.

(Twitchie takes a portion of the wood out of the bag, spreads it around the cage. Twitchie and Costanza proceed to roll around in it, making "Ooohhh...wooowwwww..." noises.)



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OH Deb I totally forgot about your bunny! Twitchy can have it all, don't worry about Costanza. And if you need a place to get a lot of shavings cheap on a regular basis, I recommend TSC stores if you have one close enough: http://www.tscstores.com/

I have four guinea pigs now, not just the one, and a monstrosity of a cage, so a few garbage bags full might only fill the thing once or twice.

Do I get to post some pictures now? I mean I mentioned my adorable pigs, I get to show you how cute they are, right? ;) The most amusing ones I could find....

Here's Costanza with his (spayed) girlfriend Maci:



Tanuki (Costanza's arch nemesis, but a lover of people):


Chrysanthemum, my little diva:


Oh yes, and the thing I fill with shavings:


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