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met Roger Waters last night @ Earl's Crt


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so last night I checked out Roger @ London's Earl's Court (setlist below); show was top of the line and absolutely fantastic! Nick Mason made a special guest appearance for the second set + encore.

Afterwards I hung backstage and chatted with Roger for a bit (i was with other company so I led the conversation with generic questions, ie, how's the tour going). At one point Roger was commenting how especially great the london audience was tonight, then I remark, "that's because Nick was on drums"; Roger shoots me THIS LOOK with calm questionable agreeance with a hint of confusion as if I was taking the piss out of him (was I, maybe?). Otherwise, the night was surreal, and Cat Stevens was hanging backstage too (I forgot his new name so I was shy to approach him but I was humming Moonshadow when we were getting drinks (beer for me, bottled water for him)!

Set 1:

In the Flesh prt2


Shine On

Set the COntrols...

Have A Cigar

Wish YOu Were Here

solo tune

new tune Leaving Beirut

Fletcher Memorial


Set 2:



Another Brick...

Vera>Bring the Boys Back Home!!!

Comfortably Numb

p.s. in other news, last Thursday @ the Barbican theater was a Syd Barrett tribute concert with multiple artists and special guests; ROger came out during the first set and played some solo tune he wrote for Syd.

Second set near the end the remaining Floyd members came out (minus Roger) and performed Astronomy DOmine. The encore was FLoyd plus others for Bike!

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wow Alan, I think it took balls to suggest to Waters that the audience was good because Mason was there. Especially since Roger attempted (and succeeded?) to have session drummers replace Mason on The Final Cut.

If I were in your shoes, in all honestly, I would be too stunned and flabergasted to say anything to one of my musical heroes, and argueably a musical genius. I'd just stand there, agreeing with everything anyone said.

Good on ya.

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no pictures (we didn't have a camera), but he did personally sign my complimentary tour book (i was shocked touring performers still publish these).

as for balls, I just thought, what the hell, gotta get the point across that one of the reason the audience was going ape shit had a lot to do with Nick on drums! I know I was!

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awesome story... congrats!

thanks for sharing, I love stories like this...

plus I find it really interesting reading your posted location, and that you were all the way in london for waters etc. wish I could travel the world like this...its a dream im trying to work towards...

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