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Looking for a job..


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Hey all!

So the time has come and I need a job.

I was wondering if you fine people had any suggestions on where to start the job search. I cannot legally work in Canada yet, so I'm looking for an under-the-table type thing.

I've been waitressing since I was 16, and bartending since 20.

I also have a bachelor's degree in Communication (Radio/Television/Film production).

I'm looking to work in the Burlington/Hamilton area. I'm open to any ideas, full or part time.

I'm still not super familiar with the area, so all suggestions or insight would be helpful.

Thanks everyone!


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hmm...there are a few places in Hamilton... Pizza Pizza call-in center hires very often. It's at the corner of King and Main (near gage park)

I also have a 'job counselor' and she helped me find places to apply. I can give U her contact info if U need it!

Check Downtown Burlington/Hamilton cause there is usually something around!!!

Oh yeah...U could be self-employed! (good for 'under the table' type work. Maybe make signs and put them up in your niebourhood for house cleaning, gardening, dog walking.. whatever...

U could also put adds in newspapers and stuff :D

Good Luck Tara!!

~Sarah :D

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Craigslist just started up in Hamilton last year, and frankly sucked pretty bad for the first while (was disheartening at first as I love craiglist, been browsing other cities for years)... its improved a lot though and is actually worth checking out now hmm... just took a look and it looks pretty crappy again, sometimes there's a few cool jobs

here's a few local job links to check over morning coffee

Hamilton Craigslist

Hamilton Craigslist - Jobs Section

McMaster University Job Board

Human Resources Canada Job Board - probably the broadest selection of local jobs online

good lucks, am on the search myself... good time of year to be looking and seems to be quite a bit out there to consider

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