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hey cowboy...


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dearest schwa

i initially thought that if Prince wasn't going to use his "symbol" anymore, then I would use it and be known here on the skanctuary as


or my own version...o(+>

but i was denied the above by mr. Bouche :(

yours truly


:( indeed. i'm sure there's some fancy computer mumbo jumbo code dealy thing in there that won't let you have all of those symbols....otherwise, WHAT GIVES BOUCHE?

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what's wrong with just being a cowboy?

nothing if you're asking me that question.

but i'm a believer that the only constant in life is change

my musical likes and dislikes change all the time

sometimes i'll check in here at the cavern daily, sometimes not for a good long while

there's a lot more to me than having a cowboy persona

I'm a symbol of [color:red]LOVE


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