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Help Vanderpark with the New Album


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Well folks, here we are at yet another 'help so-and-so win $7,000 on 102.1 The Edge.' We know you've received countless invites to join various groups to help people you've never heard of increase their chances microscopically of winning the big cashola.

But this one is different. Why? Let me tell you.

Vanderpark is heading back into the studio to record their follow-up to 2005's "All Your Hands" and is desparately broke. Studio time is freakin' expensive these days and the boys want to record the best sounding album you have ever treated your ears to. So basically, this money would help a lot. BUT if (and when) we win - EVERYONE'S NAME WHO SIGNS UP FOR THIS GROUP will be included in the liner notes of the new album! Have your name etched in immortality kids. This is even extra special because Vanderpark will be embarking on their first US-tour this fall to support this new disc. That means everyone in Canada and the USA will be able to see your name. Now if that isn't incentive, I don't know what is. Make sure to invite all your friends as well, we need to get the word out there!

Sign up!

To also join the 'official' Vanderpark FB group click here: http://utoronto.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204990580

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