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My 2 sleeping bags and my starry and moon blanket, Were EITHER STOLEN or picked up by accident, I had them Neatly Folded by Mikey and beckys fire, All packed up ready to go. my tent and my hula hoop and Baby blue cooler were about 25 feet away where i was camping. I know mikey and becky know that my stuff was my stuff and they left Who ever drove past there sight and saw everyone was gone and saw the three blankets must have Thought Hey Score! What ever the Case. I would like them back.

If Its not yours don't fucking touch it. Ask first. assuming you "Found somthing" is still stealing if you don't tell anyone that you Found it.

Anyways I had a pretty good weekend. I thnk next time im going to bring a buncha Real Burly Hill Billies to take care of my shit.

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What blows my mind. Is that I just try to be a good dude. I don't steel, I don't vandalize, I don't insault ppl, I don't talk behind backs. Sure iv broken a few hearts in my time.

Anyways, I hope that it was just a Mix up. If not I hope they all get Chiggers and scabies lice and Ticks.

No matter how much stuff in my life that gets stolen im not going to steal to make it even.


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maybe a bear took it? ;)

reminds me of a trip to NYC, when a sketchy guy offered - for a fee - to make sure no-one walked off with our bags during the 30 seconds it took us to unload the trunk. "hmmmmmm, you mean we pay you $5 so you do not walk off with our bags?"

Same thing happened to me in D.C. but with my car. Needless to say, I payed the man and was really happy when my car was still there after the show...

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I think what im going to do is make a home-made sleeping bag with a polypro blanket and a wool blanket and a blue tarp. Glue them together in 3 layers and then just roll my self up from now on.


Get a frigg'in cabin

Anyways this was just my little way of Bump'in this to the top of the threads.. hehehe Pretty tricky huh.. ok PEACE OUT and 10-4

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