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Bright Eyes & Gillian Welch tonight


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who is opening for who?

I am assuming Gillian is opening, although that just seems WRONG!

it's a Tuesday night and I work until 9:45pm

is there any chance in hell I'd actually get to catch any of her set do you think?

the show is at Massey HAll, so I suspect will end early

dang...I'm not sure I want to go down there after I get off and just catch Bright Eyes

is anyone from here going tonight?


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Are you joking about Bright Eyes opening for Gillian Welch?

I think that Bright Eyes is making some of the best new music out there these days.

ya, I guess I so...

i don't mind Bright Eyes, but I LOVE Gillian

tonight just isn't working out for me :(

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wowzers...wish I had caught the entire show, but what i did see was fantastic!

Bright Eyes has won me over :)

Gillian and David Rawlings joined Bright Eyes for several tunes to finish the show (which was awesome)!

Gillian sang "Look At Miss Ohio" and they were all rockin' hard!

nice string section and two female drummers in the band

I only got about 45 mins worth of music but it was all gold :)

thanks so much Jakis!!

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DItto to all of the above. Bright Eyes' entire set was phenomenal. The double drum plus mini-orchestra line-up was awesome; gave the music that really full feel it deserves. I didn't recognize all of the material minus a few tunes so I take it was all off of his new disk which is probably stellar. The encore was great with Gillian and David up there; especially since I missed Gillian's set. Thank you Jakis for the ticket kick down. Much appreciated... :)

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