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Recommended moving companies? (ottawa)


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I can recommend who NOT to hire. There is a company called Capital Movers. They are Canadian company, but I also know that they named themselves after a reputable American company.

They claim to be inexpensive. Do not hire them. From all accounts online, they will jack up the price at the last minute, fail to deliver some of your belongings, and break others.

I almost moved from BC using them. I called to cancel 2 days before I left, and they asked why. I told them about what I had read online, and that it made me concerned they are criminals. (Oh ya, they also only take cash.) Instead of discussing this with me or trying to deny being criminals, the woman on the other end said, "Okay, then. Thank you. Bye bye."

I moved using Tippet Richardson and they were great, but expensive.

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so...ONE DAY after signing the lease on a new place way across the 'hood, an apartment comes up for rent 3 houses down, with a HUGE deck over the water. ARGH!!!

i'm trying to invent horror stories about spiders and murderous landlords to make myself feel better.

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