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The Evil Dead: The Musical - mini review


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I went to Evil Dead: The Musical on Wednesday night at the Diesel Playhouse (formally Second City) in Toronto. This production has moved back from NYC to Toronto - the place where it was spawned back in 2004. I'm a huge fan of all three Evil Dead films and have wanted to see this live theatrical project for a couple of years. EDTM had a good run on Off-Broadway in NYC which was met by praise by critics and fans alike.

So, does it live up to the buzz and hype? Well, yes it does. The cast is excellent and Ryan Ward makes a terrific Ash/Bruce Campbell, especially when he's covered in blood weilding a chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun. The musical merges both Evil Dead and Evil Dead II since they are basically the same film and they cleverly combine the characters from both - the addition of the character Jake (the truck driver) from Evil Dead II is a scene-stealer in Act II.

The dialogue is funny, the songs are memorable and choregraphy is excellent. There is no lull in the production either. Also, you don't have to be a fan of the Sam Raimi films to like this musical, but it certainly helps. There are lots of in-jokes that fans of these cult films and in particular, B-movie legend Bruce Campbell, would get, but no matter. It's a fun night out. BEWARE: The first three rows are in the "splatter zone", but the producers wisely provide the audience with raincoats. I nearly got hit with gushing blood from a severed head.

Their website is well worth checking out: http://www.evildeadthemusical.com/toronto/

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You can purchase two-for-one tickets from Monday to Wednesday. Also, the small draft price on Wednesday is $2.60 - Steam Whistle.

The show is produced to look authentically low-budget, which essentially means it resembles the set of the original movie.

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duuuuude! i went to this last weekend and i loved it. like LOVED it. i think i'm going to go again in june before it closes [last day is june 23rd people!!].

so goddamn funny.

edit: for some reason i have been saying 'duude' alot lately. i don't think i like it.

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