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Favourite summer cool down eats.


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Homemade fruit sorbet. For afternoon snacks or desserts or load it into a huge glass and add lotsa booze and you have an awesome summer drunk.

All you have to do is add 2-3 cups of chopped fruit your choice into a blender, add one cup of simple syrup** and blend. Freeze it in a flat aluminium baking pan and freeze it until its softly set, then you score it up with a fork. Its takes about 2 hours. I'll post a proper recipe for sorbet in the new recipe forum.

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hopefully it's diet sprite if you're lookin for zero calories.

sangria is delicious (thanks for teaching me the way cully) fill glas with ice....50% red wine...25% clear soda (sprite, 7up, gingerale, some mike's hard berry is my fav...more booze!) and 25% juice...OJ, or fruitopia, or whatever you have.

you can vary your %'s based on how much you like the first....every glass is different!

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Sweet Oblivion... a big thank you to the Punk for introducing me to this... just had one the otehr night...

In a 60 oz pitcher,

3 oz gin

3 oz vodka

3 oz run

3 oz Grand Marnier

a spalsh or two of ginger ale

cut up and apple and throw er in

fill the rest with ice and Limonaide

There may need to be a waiver signed if your serving this at a house party... ull thank me later.

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