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Anyone hip to the new film "Once" and the band The Frames?


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Just released Irish music/love story "Once" won this year's Sundance Film Festival's audience award and I can't wait to see it. It's getting flat out raves and stars The Frames leader Glen Hansgard (who was also in The Commitments). Every time I see a trailer for "Once", the music featured in the clips makes me more emotional than anything I've heard in years - it helps that the performances are done live. Hansgard is the leader of Irish band The Frames and some of this film's music is featured on their new release. I want that album and the soundtrack.

Rotten Tomatoes reviews and average: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/once/

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Was just talking about this movie today...really excited to see it. I had no idea that was Outspan...funny. He did look familiar, but I just figured he was in a band I'd seen/heard before. Also never heard of the band The Frames...will definately be checking them out now though. Looked 'em up on wikipedia...they've been around since 1990! The (ex-)bassist actually wrote and directed Once. Hopefully I will get to a theatre to see this one...its hard to catch movies with a 2 year old! Incidentely the soundtrack comes out on June 12th...

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