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Ottawa folks I need advice


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Well, I suppose you don't have to be from Ottawa to help me out here, but TOdd and I are trying to figure out what to do for our honeymoon. We had thought about going south somewhere, but something tells me that we're likely not the resort type. I'm not really into sitting around a pool for days on end, and we don't really have the funds or time to research a more enjoyable and ethical option.

Anyhow we're thinking of driving up through the Laurentian Mountains instead, and doing some camping. Maybe spend a couple of nights in Quebec City or something. I don't know where to begin in terms of finding the best places to go. Any suggestions? We love the outdoors. Particularly hiking, and canoing/kyaking. We'll likely camp most of the time, but would probably want to spend the first couple of nights at a coole lodge or B&B or something (where we have a relative degree of privacy).

Any help you can give me would be immensely appreciated!!



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if you are considering camping in quebec, ask a lot of questions about campsite size and proximity to other campers. we wound up in a campground last year that was like a festival setup but with non-heady strangers who didn't speak the same langauge as us...the last straw was waking up at am and clearly hearing the biker next door fart...

boo urns.

and repeated congratulations on your wedding!!!

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