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Ottawa blues acts?


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Yes me too, she had that Heart thing going on.

For that very reason, I've been trying to get Fiona ( a major Heart fanatic) out to see them, but it has never really come together ... fortunately, Bluestone's Myspace page is now friends with Fiona's band's Myspace page, so hopefully that will bring them together :)

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I always liked Bluestone' date=' dating back to when Angela played at Jammer Tuesdays (RIP)[/quote']

What instrument did/does she play? (I was at almost all of the Dekcuf Tuesday jam nights in 2003, but don't remember a player named Angela.)



Guitar, she had longish reddish blonde hair (although it changed from time to time) with glasses. She is definitely on the Tuesday jam nights MP3 CDs they sold.

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