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The Chameleon pwned by Doug Smith?


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Oh I wish it was. However I do not know who this sports writer is. It does seem like more than just me feel this way.

I'll say it again, they shoould resign him. Why? for many reasons....

1. The Raptors desperately need vertan leadership and JYD has that in spades.

2. The Raptors have always struggled with rebournding and defense. Those two things are JYD's specialty.

3. Fans love him and he would put even more people in the seats, and the homecoming marketing angle would be huge.

4. He is only 32 and still in his effective playing years.

5. The Raptors could get him cheap and he would love to play here again. He still has many active community programs here.

...the bottom line is it wouldn't be that hard for the Raptors to make it happen, wouldn't hurt thier pocket book badly and it would make them a better team on an off the court...

...now if we could only get Keon Clark back too...

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Feschuck had every right to write doom and gloom articles. And realistically Brian, the Raptors organization was in the pit of hell as an organization before Colangelo was hired. One thing that was brought up on Prime Time Sports is that Feschuck is one of the only Raptors writers that shows his face at a Raptors press conference after writing an unflattering article.

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