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Hey everyone!

Well... after 5 relentness months of planning, it's FINALLY time to officially announce what's sure to be Western Canada's concert event of the Summer!

Bonfire Music & Events are extremely pleased to present...

The 3rd Annual


4 days & nights of music, camping & celebration

with performances by

RAQ (Burlington, Vermont)

Garaj Mahal (San Francisco, California)

Flowmotion (Seattle, Washington)

Brickhouse (Vancouver, BC)

Wassabi Collective (Nelson, BC)

Slammin Jack (Vancouver / Courtenay, BC)

Themasses (Vancouver, BC)

Jackfruit (Vancouver, BC)

Headwater (Vancouver, BC)

Hey Ocean! (Vancouver, BC)

Beluga (Vancouver, BC)

Baked Potato (Vancouver, BC)

BrainChild (Vancouver / Sunshine Coast, BC)

For The Faithful (Vancouver / Sunshine Coast, BC)

August 16~19, 2007

Lions Park Fairgrounds - OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW VENUE!!

Pender Harbour - Sunshine Coast, BC

*Advance Tickets AVAILABLE NOW only at www.bonfirefestival.com

*all prices include 6% GST & $2.00 Eco-Facility Fee*

$102.12 + s/c - WEEKEND PASS (includes camping & parking - limited availability)

Day Passes - available ONLY at www.bonfirefestival.com or at the festival gates

$18.02 + s/c - Thursday August 16

$44.52 + s/c - Friday August 17

$49.82 + s/c - Saturday August 18

$39.22 + s/c - Sunday August 19

** Kids 10 & under FREE**

Advance Weekend Passes will be made available at the following street outlets on Thursday June 21

Zulu Records (Vancouver, BC) - 1972 West 4th Ave. - 604.738.3232

Highlife World Music (Vancouver, BC) - 1317 Commercial Dr. - 604.738.3232

Chemistry Clothing (Gibsons, BC) - 925 Gibsons Way - 604.741.7198

Roberts Creek Health Food Store (Roberts Creek, BC) - 1059 Roberts Creek Rd. - 604.885.7990

420 Hemp Shop (Sechelt, BC) - 5670 Cowrie St. - 604.740.3800

Oak Tree Market (Madeira Park, BC) - 12875 Madeira Park Rd. - 604.883.2411





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I'll see you in '08 Keither. I'm sickened by the fact that I can't do it this year, but such is life.

In case anyone cares, in my opinion, this is THE festival to make every effort to get to. Greatest vibe I've experienced in years. Beautiful venue. Beautiful clear lake nearby.

Go west; everyone!

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dima think about this... sunshine coast BC.. theres your beautiful venue... RAQ is sick, as is Garage Mahal... how about the exchange rate for your 80 american with moe. ... now i know moe. festivals have a better line up internationally per se... but this would be alot of fun and the bands and people involved need to get paid...

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Not the worst cast I've ever seen dimafleck, but your form is a little sloppy and your bait is weak.

You could probably use some time out in BC to sharpen up those fishing skills.

There's a beautiful lake with great fishing just a hop, skip & jump from this year's Bonfire site... care to give it a shot?

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You just don't get it. This is not some huge festival full of international artists. It is a small festival, with a few big names, and all the musicians do deserve a paycheque at the end of the day, which will only come from the relatively small number of tickets sold. This fest has hundreds of attendees, not tens of thousands.

Also, I wouldn't be inclined to say that RAQ is the top draw at this one, given that Garaj Mahal will be there.

I think Keither is right that you need to spend some time in BC; not to fish, but to get a different perspective. (I am not saying this as a criticism. I just think that your worldview is very limited, and spending some time on the west coast would probably widen it. I may be wrong, but I believe you've only lived and spent time on the eastern seaboard.)

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Four days of camping at a sweet outdoor venue, with all of that great music, and hundreds (instead of thousands) of people ... sounds like great value to me. Heck, I'd pay $50 for just one night to see Garaj Mahal play at a sweet outdoor venue.

Good luck with it keither, wish I could be there!

Peace, Mark

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I hope it's not just hundreds Stone.

We're hopefully going to draw around 1000 - 1200 this year, but that's still a small, intimate festival by most standards... just the way we like it! :)

The thing that makes Bonfire really special is the old-school community feel... and definitely the environment, as it doesn't get much more beautiful anywhere else in the world than BC's Sunshine Coast, eh?

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Right out of the gates with tickets having only been on sale for 3 days and already they're moving quite well.

Nice work people!

We've capped our weekend passes at 800 this year, so as to avoid overcrowding in the campgrounds and to leave enough day tickets for all the Sunshine Coast folks who enjoy this annual event.

I guess those headliners we signed are having the desired effect as we've been selling tix in places like Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington & Alberta.

Knowing BC folks they'll chill and get around to it eventually. I just hope they don't wait too long and miss out!

Man... it's gonna be a fun year!!!

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"is it just me or the fact that a festival like moe.down starts at $80 while this starts at over $100 make no sense?

any festival where raq is the top draw is worth no more than 50 bucks... TOPS and thats if the camping is fantastic."

Dima lives in Toronto and thinks about ticket prices with costs and tangible value in mind. He doesn't have to take ferries anywhere and obviously hasn't tried to organize a grassroots jamband festival with strong world class talent on the west coast. I haven't either so I too think the ticket is steep but that also keeps those folks that will never be able to plan and save for a festival experience due to a lack of personal planning potential.

I don't think Bonfire's trying to price anybody out but I know I sure would. Okay - think about it this way...

15 bands plus staff plus rentals plus insurance plus venue rental plus lost revenues from other shows throughout the year (if any) plus food and riders plus permits...

500x$100= $50,000 which wouldn't really pay much after all of those acts and people and rental companies and insurance companies.

I do think it's interesting that I saw the whole 'you need perspective' thing pop out on this thread, cause a trip out west to hit bonfire and see the most breathtaking parts of this land sure would give me a lot to think about if I'd have done it like that.

Last year was the best festival experience I've had yet even with the few minor hiccoughs and lack of planning on my part.

True, moe.down has its good points, but I'm glad that there's much more to this fesival than just the music and venue.

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Hey all.

We regretfully update that Japan's MELTONE will no longer be able to join us for the 2007 Bonfire Music Festival due to road & travel fatigue.

However, we are working diligently to replace them with some great music from another 'as-yet-unrepresented' neighbourhood of the global music community... Eastern Canada!!

Should have an announcement soon.


~ The Bonfire Crew

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Hey everyone.

We are pleased to announce that we have just confirmed that Eastern Canada's GRATEFULLY DEADICATED SOUND SYSTEM will now be performing at the 2007 Bonfire Music Festival.

Here's the lowdown...


Rory Levy has brought together two of his greatest passions to produce what is the gratefully deadicated experience. By fusing together his extensive collection of live Grateful Dead music he has created an experience that is truly unique.

Throughout the experience you will hear live Grateful Dead music in a seamless set. The Gratefully Deadicated Sound System represents a unique mix of legendary Grateful Dead songs and jams from memorable concerts fused together to create the ultimate Grateful Dead experience. Tracks are chosen from the exclusive high quality CD and DAT library of the Gratefully Deadicated Sound Systems collection of more then 600 concerts.


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