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Tube amp tech in Ottawa?


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I just acquired a tube amp on eBay (a silverface Fender Vibro-Champ that had been modified to have the guts of a Fender Bassman and a 10" speaker), and need/want to have some work done on it (in particular, it needs to be re-tubed and have the bias set/checked; I also want to have the main on/off switch replaced and change it to a 3-wire/grounded AC cord). I suppose I could take it to Songbird, but does anybody know any other people/shops who do this kind of work?



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im loooking for someone who does effects pedals services afterrecently seeing smoke come from my pedals, sorry i have no clue who to talk to in ottawa brad but ill be watching this thread to see if anyone does stuff like this around there, or here

have a good one, sorry for the jacking of said post.

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