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Hey everyone.

We are pleased to announce that we have just confirmed that Eastern Canada's GRATEFULLY DEADICATED SOUND SYSTEM will now be performing at the 2007 Bonfire Music Festival.

Here's the lowdown...


Rory Levy has brought together two of his greatest passions to produce what is the gratefully deadicated experience. By fusing together his extensive collection of live Grateful Dead music he has created an experience that is truly unique.

Throughout the experience you will hear live Grateful Dead music in a seamless set. The Gratefully Deadicated Sound System represents a unique mix of legendary Grateful Dead songs and jams from memorable concerts fused together to create the ultimate Grateful Dead experience. Tracks are chosen from the exclusive high quality CD and DAT library of the Gratefully Deadicated Sound Systems collection of more then 600 concerts.


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that made the festival worth attending.

Most people are coming for Raq and Garaj Mahal.

I'd make it out for Rory and the fact that it's a killer party in the woods.

the slammin jack reunion and meltone and all that other stuff is kinda neat too.

and the jackton party as well as the swimming and Sunshine Coast Splendour...

With all of that, Raq and Garaj alone seem tepid and flaccid, only comparatively of course

all things considered, it's definitely going to be a fully engorged party.

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reading between the linesdoesn't happen all the time
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